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Attention Obama: The jayvee team is taking over Iraq.

N.C. legislature crafts bills in the dead of night because vampires can’t stand the light.

Dems are against voter ID because dead people have so much trouble getting one.

Glad to have lived in N.C. for a while before Raleigh GOP turned it into North Alabama.

Still think Bev Perdue was a terrible governor?

Yo, Gov. Pat: Ya ever heard of a “veto”?

When is Ruth Samuelson’s term up? Not soon enough!

Pay more attention to improving mental health provisions, less to blaming the NRA.

Did Bowe walk away or take a walk?

Maybe Obama should try capping the unemployment rate?

Cantor’s defeat may be a defeat for all of us.

I grew up learning that majority ruled, not crazy off-shoots with cutesy names.

Why does Mother Nature hate summer swim team?

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