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Lois Lerner... Even her emails plead the Fifth.

Gaps in Nixon tapes. Crashed IRS hard drive. Deja vu!

Nikki, when you have a free day please give a tutorial on job creation to the Old White Men in Raleigh?

Apparently Rucho and Samuelson are willing to compromise – with themselves.

Looks like the White House forgot to use a surge protector in Iraq.

Turns out the WMDs are the Iraqis themselves.

By the time Obama finishes “weighing options,” ISIS will own the region.

G.W. Bush legacy – the gift that keeps on giving.

Evidently Harvard Law School had some no-show classes in the early ’80s.

What’s free about “free speech” if you have to buy it?

Think the pratfall is a dying art? Watch the World Cup.

Soccer? Wake me up when real football starts.

Think teachers don’t get any respect? Try being a secretary.

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