The Buzz 07.24.16

The Bible belt has become a noose.

The mayor’s can of worms really stinks now.

Shot clock may have run out on Charlotte, but McCrory is the loser.

Come Nov., the N.C. GOP will get slam-dunked.

Trump is a lot of things. Presidential isn’t one.

CNN – Clinton News Network!

Melania Trump, “The Art of the Steal”?

Melania’s just big on recycling!

Plagiarism Matters

A lot of Kool-Aid ingested in that RNC bubble.

Face it Ted, we already voted our conscience.

At least Cruz didn’t run and hide like other “leaders” in the GOP.

Yep, more apartments. That’s the ticket!

BofA: “Please remain on hold while we lay off more people.”

Hopefully, the new stadium scanners can detect rappelling gear.

Imagine that, free streetcar ridership exceeds expectations!

Pokemon Go has launched a zombie apocalypse!