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Hey S.C., want to trade Giti Tire for Chiquita Banana?

N.C.’s reputation as a good place to live/work went south faster than the jobs.

Hey Duke, watch your ash.

Dear IRS, Sorry you lost your emails. They’re down the street at the NSA.

Washington Redskins... Drop Washington, it’s an embarrassment!

Back in the good ol’ days, if you built a defective product your sales dropped.

Tea parties are for children; grow up.

I’m fed up with partisan wrangling. How about the Teed-off Party?

Iraq: Organized religion at its best?

Remember when the GOP was against the lottery – before it became their go-to revenue source?

Ruth, we’re just not buying what you’re selling.

Judging from the unrelenting ads, it’s Kay Hagan’s fault the sun didn’t rise this morning.

Basketball season is waaaaaaay too long.

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