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World Cup fever? I don't even have the sniffles!

Iraq: A comedy of errors, a tragedy of lives.

Just think if we’d not gone looking for those WMDs...

Save America, keep Obama on the golf course!

It seems we’re entering the Arab Winter.

Bergdahl, Khattalla – our special forces are amazing!

I want Patent and Trademark to cancel the Cracker Barrel trademark.

OK candidates, time to take down your campaign signs!

Keith Larson doesn't seem to like living around here very much.

Keith Larson gets it. The emperor has no clothes!

Way, way too few full-time private sector jobs – and far, far too many full-time politicians.

Hey, Ruth, when we elect reps we prefer they implement laws that make sense.

Real football? Is that the game where you don’t use your feet?

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