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Ruth, your pants are on fire.

On CLT: Since when do you “compromise” with thieves?

Spending a billion to reap millions? Just say ‘no,’ Charlotte City Council!

Mayor Clodfelter’s new firm specializing in bankruptcies may come in handy down the road.

The rarest thing in DC: A GOP immigration plan.

Bet the tides would turn if busloads of unaccompanied children were delivered to the White House.

Obama-loving mainstream media: Press-titutes.

It is painfully obvious that most of us didn’t pay much attention in civics class.

If Obama had a Native American name it would be Talking Bull.

Hey, Brad Krantz, the feeling’s mutual!

Ninety minutes of soccer. Score: 0-0. Like watching paint dry.

Phoning me is the best way to ensure I never buy your product.

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