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Nothing could be further from reality than reality TV.

Surprised to see Hillary's book classified as nonfiction.

I’m not afraid of Hillary. Been married to a smart, strong woman for 50 years.

Politics certainly takes its toll.

Toll lanes to slow things down? Thought DOT was clueless; now they’ve removed all doubt.

Am I the only one who wishes Sadam was still in charge of Iraq?

Jeez – who do you cheer for in Iraq?

Election years: When the GOP pretends to care about schools, women, civil rights, health care.

Call them the Washington Taxes. Those inside the beltway love ’em, rest of us don’t.

Lost with the IRS emails – Obama’s last smidgen of credibility.

“Activist investor”? What ever happened to the term “corporate raider”?

Summer needs more Sunday afternoons; fewer Wednesdays.

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