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For whom the bell tolls: For those who approve a $20 toll.

For whom can afford the tolls?

The epitome of class warfare: toll roads.

Why not a toll road to Raleigh?

An hour to get through Monroe – but at least the endangered mussels are OK!

I’m an unemployed circus clown. Please get me back to Congress where I belong.

300 military advisers... Isn't that how we got started in Vietnam?

Mission De-accomplished?

Maybe it should be called Enduring Operation Freedom.

Listen to Rush? I would rather ask Ray Charles to drive me across town.

Not only didn’t we pay attention in Civics, apparently we slept through Science.

Finally! Someone suggested that Duke “haul ash.”

“Fresh, fun ways to use condiments!” Wow, in a family news... Oops, misread it.

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