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One Berger down, one to go.

Democrats, please raise sales taxes. S.C. needs the business.

Save the date: Tues., Nov. 4. Send the Raleigh jihadists home to their tribes.

So much for the “Great State of Mecklenburg”!

BofA’s $4B in legal expenses make my divorce lawyer fees seem like a deal!

Why does N.C. need a poet laureate?

The Dream Act helped foster a border nightmare.

More tax cuts for rich, flexing military muscle on a credit card. So Bush league!

Trickle down works. Just give it another 30 years.

Another bunch of over-priced outlets full of stuff from China? Yawn.

Remember when the “do not call” list actually worked?

LeBron... Cleveland got the gold, Charlotte got the shaft.

If we had a long power outage, my grandkids would only survive until their phone batteries died.

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