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The Gov paying a political debt, caused a poet great regret!

Democrat’s goal: No child left a dime.

Before Raleigh settles on a Medicaid plan the recipients will need Medicare.

If we’re really the Great State of Meck, can we secede now?

Please, send the legislature home before they think up more ways to “help” us!

Another commission? GOP’s not shy. First airport, now curriculum standards.

Bet none of us regular guys would have a job after being convicted of assault on a female!

Before Feds are done, they’ll hold the mortgage on BofA headquarters.

No ID to vote? I’m going to tell the bank I’m Bill Gates.

Dinosaur dorks?

Grandkids, heck – my wife wouldn’t survive her phone battery’s demise.

The Carolina Beer Temple flooded. Beer gods must be angry. Better sacrifice some Bud Lights.

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