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Israeli troops in, hopes of peace out.

Dear Mr. President: Note what happens when someone crosses Israel’s red line.

Roses are red, violets are blue. The laureate fled, McCrory should too.

Thom Tillis: Mr. Raleigh wants to go to Washington.

Mecklenburg: Where athletes and owners come before education.

The GOP and Democrats need to tear down their border fence.

A watchdog press that only barks at GOP is no better'n a yellow dog.

Sen. Rucho, cut to the chase. Just appoint your Senate Finance Committee to run Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Think Boehner would be suing the President if he was using his own money?

I’ll say one thing for Obama: He never lets a crisis get in the way of fund raising!

Uncle P.J., tell me another story.

If the Observer gets any smaller the parakeet will have to get his own subscription.

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