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Question. Do toll roads count as more “funk”?

Maybe Nancy should have read it before she passed it.

If immigrant children are treated harshly, they’ll return it in kind.

Looks like Obama is trying to drink from the foreign policy fire hose.

Russia is a criminal state and Putin is little more than a mobster.

When Putin released his mad dogs, mad dogs did what mad dogs do!

Hey George, tell me again what you saw when you looked into Putin’s soul?

Just what Charlotte needs in its Forum writers – an all-hat-no-cattle Texan.

Don’t worry your pretty little heads, Charlotte. We in Raleigh know what’s best for you.

I like my Popes in Rome, not Raleigh.

If these Charlotte McMansions get any closer they’ll be called McRow houses.

There’s a posse of so-called poets – you know who you are – who should be ashamed of themselves.

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