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Talk-talk-talk. Poor Kerry’s getting the ol’ Iran-around.

The only “congestion” tolls will relieve is the congestion in my wallet.

HOT Lanes: Selling out your grandkids for a Lamborghini when you should be saving for a Ford.

Panthers have no plans to ask City for more? Just wait.

Unless the goal is “Big. Fast. Loud. Win.” we won’t stay long.

Bank of America – “Your Settlement Bank.”

Now the cars on Johnston Road can get to the I-485 traffic jam more quickly!

Next thing you know, we’ll send planes to Honduras to save the little tykes the trip on foot.

When did we get so mean?

Seems Americans’ Christian values stop at the border.

Congrats on all those profits, SardineCan Airlines!

Packed planes + cell phones = Air rage!

Oh how I love trees – in someone else’s yard.

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