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$11B for bridges. No problem, Raleigh will just cut more income taxes.

Bridge repair billions? What happened to that shovel-ready money Obama had?

Dan River coal ash clean-up: “Mission Accomplished.”

Seems the only products produced in the U.S. any more are corruption and scandal.

Muslims trying to spread their religion worldwide? You mean like Christianity?

Hey Obama, the ’80s called. They want their foreign policy back.

Now that Obama’s “failed” economic policies have succeeded, let’s complain it took too long!

Tough, huh? How to discredit Pat for all the jobs we’re getting?

Drop GPA requirement? To prepare them for no-show college classes where tutors write your papers?

Suffer little children to come unto me – unless they’re from south of the border.

Can someone send the president back to Charlotte? The grass on Billy Graham Parkway needs to be cut again.

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