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Icahn ain’t no icon.

Dollar Tree is buying Family Dollar. The new name will be Dollar Dollar.

Activist investor, carpetbagger, whatever.

The Garden of Eden’s first residents weren’t Adam and Burt.

So will the short session end before the long one begins?

The Popes have bought our state Locke, stock and barrel.

My dream: Art Pope as editor of the Observer.

Close Pilot Mountain for a private party? WWAD? What would Andy do?

How is it I can buy a bottle of soda cheaper than a bottle of water?

Who needs sidewalks for kids – we have big tee-vees and 360-degree ribbon boards!

Funny how some complain about everything Obama does in D.C., then complain when he’s not there to do it.

Kudzu is powerful, but can it overcome the climate change deniers?

Might not 12 hours of “Booty” be enough?

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