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South Carolina – where evolution and a round Earth are taught as theories.

S.C. needs to worry about the evolution of its school rankings.

Final score: Icahn several hundred million, Family Dollar employees zero.

Are the sales of Family Dollar and Harris Teeter what Rucho had in mind when he said “cut corporate taxes and they will come”?

Panthers: Greg Hardy is innocent until proven guilty twice.

Legislators, I’d like to rent your chambers for my daughter’s wedding. Please vacate the weekend of …

Art Pope – inherited wealth commanding the rest of us to make do with less.

Perhaps if all those patriotic American business owners weren’t hiring illegal immigrants, the immigrants would stay home.

When did we get so mean? About 1980.

Who wants to be judged by people too lazy to show up for jury duty?

List the names of no-show jurors in the Observer, like delinquent taxpayers.

Israeli “commandos,” but Palestinian “terrorists.” Hmm …

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