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So in S.C. gravity is only a theory, not a fact?

Another month, another $1.3B BofA owes the government.

BofA: The government’s favorite piggy bank.

Polls says 70 percent want illegal immigrants to stay. Was that conducted in Spanish?

Health care: Pay now or pay a lot more later!

Can we trade the Raleigh Pope for the “liberal” Vatican one?

Will someone please explain to the Secretary of State the definition of insanity?

Sorry about Billy Graham Parkway, but the president doesn’t do grass – not mow it, anyway.

A 5-week vacation from what, doing nothing?

Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar. Buy Dollar General and it could be Everything’s Generally A Dollar.

I took only one shower today. I live in Charlotte – and it’s July. Something’s wrong.

Which is it that guys can’t afford any more? Razors or mirrors?

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