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If we’re going to add tolls on I-77 let’s put them at the S.C. state line.

Stop trying to improve the information super highway and fix the real ones!

$1.3B in fines, now how many people go to jail?

Mortgage fraud should result in prison terms. Otherwise, crime does pay.

How ironic that your editorial diatribe against Creationists ended with... “Thank heavens.”

Does Thom Tillis ever visit the graves of those whose Medicaid he cut off?

I’m dead set against impeachment! Abdication would be nice.

Perhaps a revival of Tony Soprano to deal with Putin?

Boehner wants to sue Obama for not doing what Republicans voted 54 times to stop him from doing.

Let’s counter-sue Boehner for ineffective use of power.

Stop wasteful spending at UNC. Start with Roy’s salary.

A 60-minute wait at baggage claim... Jerry, please come back!

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