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Oh no, I’m sure it will be called “General Family Dollar Tree”.

When did “corporate raider” become “activist investor”?

People who attack schools are not deterred by cameras.

Must we waste taxpayer dollars with endless CMS bus “practice runs” before school starts?

Our kids are all 50-ish. Can we get a “school tax break” too?

Rick Perry was indicted. How about Gov. McDuke?

Save costly newsprint – keep Smerconish and Larson on the air!

It’s no harder to challenge a law, just to handpick a cozy judge to kill it.

Allegiant Airlines. Where the planes are older then the pilots.

If we are to condemn all Muslims for what ISIS does, then we must condemn all Christians for what the Nazis did.

Little Leaguers play just like the big guys – steppin’ out, stallin’, spittin’, scratchin’.

Looks like Johnny Football is the next Johnny “Bench”.

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