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I wish Carl Icahn had bullied the banks instead of Family Dollar.

Carl! Loyalty to things other than money is not bad.

So if we just ban reporters from covering Ferguson, the problems will go away?

Hey cops, do you ever consider wounding? You shoot, he goes down. Stop shooting.

The Israelis think they have the right to defend themselves but don’t seem to think anybody else should have that right.

A bunch of old white men making the decision as to what to call the Washington Football team makes as much sense as old white men making the decision on what women can do about abortion.

Isn’t it about time for Obama to give his PEACE prize back?

Could we please let fracking operations start on the property of state legislators who see no harm possibly occurring to the environment!

And what’s to keep others from depositing their garbage bags with mine?

Glad we don’t have to pay city officials based on how much garbage THEY produce.

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