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The tallest rollercoaster in Charlotte will still be BofA headquarters…

I can’t hear Obama’s groaning about inequality over the yacht engines on the Vineyard.

Say, where are all those gas taxes going, anyway?

BofA settlement only $16.65B instead of $17B as reported? I think some BofA execs will be getting a bonus!

A candidate for Congress in Brazil is running under the name “Barack Obama.” If Brazil wants an Obama, why don’t we give them ours?

We can cure Ebola but not the epidemic of corporate fraud?

Private school is not an entitlement. It is earned…

Obama and his foreign policy strategy team – the JV team in Laker uniforms.

Pat yearns for the days when George was the official Buzz-Observer whipping boy.

Doesn’t AG Cooper trust the courts to decide on DA Gaither?

So, then the state grants to N.C. students at N.C. private colleges are also unconstitutional, right?

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