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N.C. legislators are flunking the class on the Constitution.

Forget toxic ash. How can North Carolina get rid of toxic Ichan?

Looks like I need to go into the garbage bag manufacturing business!

If the governor’s stock disclosure form is so confusing, why isn’t everyone who files it violating disclosure rules?

New wave politics – If you can’t beat ’em – indict ’em.

If everyone in Ferguson took the ice water challenge, cool heads would prevail.

Carl to Howard, “I can you.”

Carl Ichan now looks greedy AND stupid.

If Obama’s no better at golf than he is at running the country, then why bother teeing it up?

Life 101, lesson 1: obey the police first, settle differences later.

If anyone wants to know what’s really going on, nowadays you have to tune to Fox News.

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