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Attention CMS kids: Life doesn’t give make-up tests.

Elite colleges favor wealthy? In other breaking news – the sky is blue, grass is green.

What’s next, vouchers to attend Harvard?

Garbage smells. Recyclables don’t. Keep the current schedule.

Speaking for all us idiotic Yankees – Bless your heart!

The only JV team in the Middle East is Obama’s.

Judging by our roadsides, it’s clear the DNC isn’t returning this year.

$87.5M so Panthers could bombard fans with more ads. Charlotteans, you’ve been had!

Time to upgrade the new arena that we didn’t want in the first place.

That $33M should be “pay as you win.”

Schools aren’t failing society. Society is failing its schools.

Sorry, Thom, but all you and Gov. Pat did was make veteran teachers pay for new teachers’ raises.

Politics: From “Poli” – meaning many, and “tics” – meaning blood-sucking insects.

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