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Can’t cure the ISIS cancer with Obama’s aspirin.

I’d rather he golf than start unnecessary wars.

Hagan’s high heels just trampled Obama’s coattails.

Can’t see Kay through that smoke screen she just put up.

Menu at Obama’s Chinese Restaurant: Lame Duck, stir-fried agenda, broken promise cookies.

Hard to tell where an “existential threat” ends and paranoia begins.

Burger King – home of the “Tax Whopper.”

Help poor ol’ Burger King reduce his taxes: Eat at other burger joints.

Whoever said there’s no free lunch never met the U.S. government.

If you think most “idiots” in N.C. are Yankees, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s happening in Raleigh.

Cannon’s complimentary vacations moving from the Vegas Strip to Club Fed.

Only thing that drone could’ve disrupted was a Panther 4th and 10 punt.

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