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If cocaine were sports venues, Charlotte would have a habit.

Looks like Chiquita may go to the highest bidder – again.

Looks like Burger King just made a Whopper of a political blunder.

When corporations are untethered from morality and patriotism, so are the people who own them.

Shoot! I’m 68 and MY brain doesn’t function at 7:15 a.m.!

You can’t drive until you’re 15, but it’s OK for a 9-year-old to shoot an Uzi?

So how old do you have to be to fire a nuclear missile?

Obama came to Charlotte and made a bunch of empty promises. Deja vu.

ISIS cancer? Who knew you could catch that from a Bush?

If Obama will only strike in the Mideast when backed into a corner – it’s time.

Russia retaking Ukraine. Mexico retaking Texifornia.

Agree with Jim Cherry or not, there’s one thing for sure: That’s one ugly hat.

The only fair tax rate is one where I pay nothing.

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