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At last the National Felon League is getting serious about on and off the field violence.

$480K to improve uptown underpasses. Gee, hope this doesn’t impact the overhaul of our sports arenas.

CMS, you can choose to emphasize tests or learning. You made the right choice!

Texas gets Toyota and our teachers!

Give N.C. GOP legislators a voucher – to buy a bus ticket to another state.

I’m waiting for my public voucher for country clubs.

JP Morgan hacked by Russia. Now you know why they wanted to keep Mr. Snowden.

Ukraine: Obama gives Putin a mulligan.

Saddam Hussein: Miss me now?

Bush-bashing: When nothing else works better.

Kevin got it right. Too many guns. Too easy to kill.

Burger King’s addition of a Buffet was a stroke of political genius.

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