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New menu item: “The Bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you-burger,” topped with a Chiquita banana.

Bad news: Earthquake in Napa Valley. Worse news: Price of wine rising!

Market Basket score: Employees 1, Corporate greed 0.

American justice: If at first you can’t convict, try try again.

What ever happened to the idea that paying your taxes was a patriotic act?

Putin to Obama: “I double-dog dare you!”

Guess Dean Obama is putting the Russian fraternity on double-secret probation?

While we wait for Obama is Israel available to take care of ISIS and Putin?

Want to stop the war drums? Reinstate the draft and take Lindsey Graham first!

Bank earnings are up? Is that before fines?

Hopefully the Labor Day parade includes floats for China and Mexico.

If $107M wasn’t enough to get Toyota, we should have thrown in the NASCAR Hall.

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