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Credit Orr blame, the airport operates the same.

Light rail: An expensive ride to a university few can afford to attend.

Note to self, don’t take a vacation in North Korea.

U.S.: Iraqis love me, they love me not, love me…

Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine... Can the Observer just post a daily scorecard?

Obama got a new suit. “Yes we TAN!”

What a terrible time in U.S. history to not have a president.

Kay Hagan: A pea in Barack’s pod.

Voting for Thom Tillis is jumping out of the frying pan – then hitting yourself in the head with it.

Rick, the glasses don’t help. Trust me on this. Signed: Sarah.

Show us your birth certificate, Ted.

If my former boss thought he could save $2 in taxes, he’d have moved offshore to a row boat.

I’m so clever: I stopped reading I’m So Clever.

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