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Streetcars without overhead wires? They’re called buses! Stop the spending.

Streetcars do not a San Francisco make. I hope.

Sure the grad rate is higher, but can they read and rite?

I-485 widening – so much equipment, so little work.

Our objective is clear. I just don’t know what it is yet!

All you “do something” warriors take your assault weapons to Iraq and join the fight!

Why fault Obama for lacking perfect strategy to deal with a mess created by Bush’s imperfect one?

Maybe N.C. could pay for Medicaid from the anticipated lottery slush fund?

Thom, your little ad fails to mention the VA mess occurred under Sen. Burr’s watch too.

So where were the Republicans when Kay was running everything by herself?

America deserves a raise? From who, China?

Older comedians dying. Wasserman Schultz blames GOP.

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