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Don’t need film/TV incentives. We’re entertained by the Mad Men of the NCGA.

Please put to rest the streetcar no one desires.

“Modern streetcar,” surely that’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one!

Tell me again how storm water fees are helping?

I’m more interested in how many CMS grads can calculate a graduation rate.

Boy, Kay Hagan must be pretty powerful to be responsible for all that money.

After the debate I’m undecided... Do I move to S.C. or Virginia?

No need to watch debates just to hear TV ads repeated.

Thom Mannerless?

Joe Biden – the real reason Republicans will never impeach Obama.

The only cease-fire Putin wants is to eliminate the people shooting back.

The only strategy Obama has is how to break par next time out.

Bee detectors at every school? Someone will call for them. Just wait.

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