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When my wife suggested we go to a foreign food place, I took her to Burger King.

So our cherished “job creators” are really “job exploiters”? Shock!

I’ll never again use the name Charlotte Observer. It’ll be that liberally biased, politically correct Charlotte newspaper!

Instead of developing cars that drive themselves, GM should focus on cars that repair themselves.

The difference between major and minor surgery is whether it is being done on you.

Repeat after me, students: Republicans who gave us raises are extremists.

Evidence suggests GOP wave? I hope it’s a wave goodbye!

If you called Bush a Cowboy for his foreign policy, surely you must call Obama a Rodeo Clown.

Looks like the Observer forgot the slogan “Lest We Not Forget” on 9/11.

Do we really need another Hagan/Tillis debate when we can just watch the commercials?

Can we ask Hillary to start early?

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