Hillary’s no poet either


It was a rough week. But it’s over. No more opening the morning newspapers to read stories about plagiarism. Or about booing Ted. Or about hour-long political speeches in prime time by Donald Trump.

Orators aren’t born – they learn their art the old-fashioned way. One hard step at a time. And great orators also have a bit of poetry in their souls: “Blood, toil, tears and sweat.” “The better angels of our nature.” “They slipped the surly bands of earth to touch the face of God.”

Speaking contemporaneously Donald Trump is riveting. He’s vivid. And entertaining – even when he’s like a buzzsaw. But he’s never claimed the mantle of orator, and listening to his speech Thursday night was a bit like being hollered at for an hour.

But that’s all in the past now. Things are looking up. There’s a cause for hope. Because the Democrats are coming to town with their convention and the one thing the Democrats have proven over and over, down through the years, is they have one infallible gift: No matter how badly Republicans screw up, the Democrats can find a way to do worse.

So I’m looking forward to Bernie and Elizabeth and Debbie and Barack and Harry and Nancy and Bill all marching onto the stage arm-in-arm, followed by Hillary on Thursday night.

By Friday things should be looking up. Because, after all, when it comes to orations Hillary’s no poet either.

Carter Wrenn is a veteran N.C. Republican strategist writing on the 2016 conventions.