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We flood the Middle East with arms, then foolishly wonder why peace is so elusive.

Obama’s consistent foreign strategy: The “2L2L Policy” – too little, too late.

Think traffic uptown is bad now, wait until you get stuck behind the trolley.

Fix Congress? Easy: Fire Harry Reid!

How to fix Congress? Term limits, term limits, term limits!

The real welfare kings, queens reside in Congress. No work, no pay?

Sen. Kay needs a quickie divorce from Obama and Reid.

Pro football needs to issue helmets to wives and girlfriends.

Jerry, put your money where your tears are.

Already had too much NFL this season? You’re not alone.

To cab companies whining about Uber/Lyft: Ever hear of free enterprise?

Why does everything absolutely, positively have to be there today?

Self-driving cars? Even the Jetsons steer.

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