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I cried too, Jerry, when the City gave you $87 million.

Water pressure low, water bills high.

What part of “money pit” doesn’t City Council understand?

Guess my father and grandmother should have been sidelined.

We already have term limits! They are called elections and require some thinking!

Term limits = a Congress always run by rookies.

Is First Baptist a political or religious organization?

War is good for business. Invest your son.

Obama has a strategy – to keep out of the sand traps on the back nine.

Mr. Pittenger, I don’t need people to tell me who to blame. I need people who can fix problems.

Hey, Gov.: Make UNC an economic powerhouse. Fund classrooms, not sports teams.

Nike drops Rice but not Tiger?

NO! Fannie you can’t go! We need you and your talents!

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