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OK Roger, it’s fourth and 50, time for a Hail Mary.


Final score: NFL – -3; Women and children – 0

You need a license to fish but any fool can have a child!

“Marriott encourages tips for maids...” It’d be real news if they paid them a living wage.

Just what we need, a guy from N.J. stumping for a guy from Fla. who wants to represent N.C.

They say that the third time’s the charm when it comes to bombing a country.

Would the Obama critics please list the countries he should have invaded?

Ultimately, the War on Terror will be as successful as the War on Drugs.

Obama is failing faster than I can lower my expectations.

The Koch brothers will turn our government into a family business.

As bad as most people drive, self-driving cars sound like a good idea.

Michael Waltrip danced on DWTS like he was in heavy traffic at Bristol.

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