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Bet Duke is hoping its solar farm investment yields 278 megawatts of public relations.

Busing homeless guys to a pro-fracking rally. Gotta laugh to keep from crying.

$770K for not playing. That’s not punishment. It's a vacation.

Put me on the NFL Exempt List, Jerry. I'll do it for less!

Watching jocks try to appease women/children is like watching lumberjacks do brain surgery.

Who’s being punished, Hardy or the Panthers?

What if no women showed up at any NFL games Sunday?

Stop belly-aching about the trolley and start voting Republican.

What century is Pittenger living in?

Hagan and Tillis have made my DVR the best investment this year.

We get it. She voted with Obama 96 percent of the time. That’s the best you got?

Critics of Olive Garden bread sticks apparently have an unlimited basket of idle time.

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