The bite of the 24-hour news cycle

As the smoke cleared Friday after the Republican Convention, with a Mongol Horde of Democratic Super PACs after his hide, Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz instead of Hillary.

Next, Wiki-leaks dumped 19,000 hacked Democrat Party emails onto the Internet and the Democrats’ dream of a happy convention went up in smoke.

Then, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic Party Chairman, announced Sunday she would resign after the convention – not before.

And, also on Sunday, Hillary’s campaign manager announced on national television the Russians were behind the Wiki-leaks because Vladimir Putin supports Donald Trump because Trump might not back NATO allies Russia attacks.

Roger Ailes may have been deposed by a bevy of blondes at Fox News, but the 24-hour news cycle rolls on with sound and fury. Every 15 minutes, reporters need a new crisis to write about on the Internet, point to, and howl, “The world’s on fire.” And, if a fire is not available, they’ll pour gasoline on whatever’s at hand.

Did Hillary’s campaign manager offer a shred of proof that Vladimir Putin supports Donald Trump? No. Does Wasserman Schultz’ resignation spell doom for Hillary? Again, no – unfortunately. Is Trump’s umpteenth attack on Ted Cruz a profound development in the election? No.

But the news monster requires feeding every quarter-hour – so we have three new earthshaking crisis on our hands.

Carter Wrenn is a veteran N.C. Republican strategist writing on the 2016 conventions.