We have met the enemy, and ...

A sign outside the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland.
A sign outside the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland. Bloomberg

Last week was his, this shall be hers, and in November one of them will be elected President.

He is the brash developer whose billions never satisfied his narcissism, fueling it in fact to ever-higher heights.

For five decades we watched his smile grow smirkier as he propelled himself deeper into the culture through bigger buildings, braggadocios books, beauty pageants, TV shows and now, presidential politics. The man with a need to see his name on everything from tall towers to planes to universities (a term here used loosely) envisions a “United States of Trump,” to be achieved through his now officially christened Trumpublican Party.

She is and always has been the real brains and brawn behind Clinton Incorporated, the husband and wife political syndicate with an unending tendency toward trouble, uncanny knack for survival, and unquenchable thirst for power.

Where Donald Trump’s desire for power is merely an out-of-control ego in search of its next conquest, Hillary Clinton’s ego is a maniacally controlled servant of her power quest. A normal sense of self-respect would prevent any woman from standing by the man she has. It is Hillary Clinton who wants to run the country. Donald Trump wants it merely as another trophy.

Bill is simply along for the fun.

My vote, and perhaps millions more, cast for someone other than these two will not, this time around at least, change the likelihood that one of them will become president. For politics is America’s favorite sport and there are, apparently by some binding decree, only two teams in the league.

But even the fallacy of the two-party system doesn’t explain how we end up with these two particular nominees. Something else is wrong.

How do both Republicans and Democrats end up with nominees who are in truth as antithetical to the tenets each party would claim to stand for as any in recent memory? Donald Trump is not in practice and policy a lover of freedom, small government, and liberties preserved by the Constitution. Clinton Incorporated has never been about fairness, true compassion, and equality.

If Trump were an actual conservative, Ted Cruz telling lovers of liberty and the constitution to “vote their conscience” wouldn’t have caused an earthquake in Cleveland. If Hillary were actually about fairness and equality, Philadelphia wouldn’t be in chaos over the revelation that Bernie Sanders got the shaft from Clinton, Inc. and the DNC.

Something is wrong with this system. Maybe it’s the nominating process, the primaries. Maybe it’s the money. Or the media. The party organizations. Maybe the political arena really is too disgusting a place for “the good people” we’d like to see enter.

We’ve been coming to this no incumbent, open White House election for nearly four years. That we end up with two nominees whom the polls continually show are the most disliked ever in presidential politics proves something is broken with this system. There must be. There has to be.

Otherwise, something is broken within us.

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