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On tree destruction Hugo pales in comparison to Tropical Storm Development.

The new I-85/485 interchange is called a “turbine.” I-77/85 is called a “deathtrap.”

Asking generals about going to war is like asking grandkids if they want to play in the sandbox!

Government’s solution on Bell House: If it ain’t broke, break it.

Sure wish GM would recall those pickups the mean guys in Iraq use.

Shouldn’t Obama voters get those Endless War bumper stickers back out?

Bet Tillis voted with the N.C. GOP at least 96 percent of the time.

Hagan and Tillis – co-sponsors of the Charlotte TV Recovery Act.

After watching the ads I decided neither Hagan or Tillis is qualified for the job.

“Four years old and he never cried.” ... I cried.

Guess it’s hard to catch passes, punts when the national spotlight is in your eyes?

Heck of a Sunday when Ms. Marple is more entertaining than the Panthers.

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