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Secure the border? We don’t even lock the front door of the White House!

That wasn’t an illegal White House intruder, just an “undocumented visitor.”

Glad Prez is curtailing “tax inversions.” Perhaps a “Congressional inversion”?

Bank of America watching NFL behavior, that’s rich!

Tillis/Hagan – When all is said and done more will be said than done.

Well at least Kay was right 4 percent of the time!

Now Obama has bombed literally and figuratively.

If you think Bush’s preemptive strikes were “a good start,” you need to watch “Dr. Strangelove” again.

Congress berates Obama for playing golf, but just returned from another 5-week vacation.

CHA had so many trying to get subsidies that the website crashed? Where have I heard that before?

Goodell must go before there’s a national girlcott.

Charlotte: Where drivers use ESP instead of turn signals.

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