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That toll proposal is starting to look like the road to ruin.

City leaders confident again – like they were about movie-making Eastland mall.

And how does an illegal immigrant pass a criminal background check?

How about a new AG who’ll put some bankers in jail for a change?

Is it ISIS or ISIL? Who knows.

If ISIL were Republican Obama would have a plan to defeat them in six weeks.

A $35M jet firing $2M missiles at a $5K ISIS pickup truck. Yeah!

Global climate change will not stop at your church’s front door.

It’s a free breakfast. When did freeloaders get so picky?

Name one Kay Hagan accomplishment, Thom? She didn’t take N.C. backwards!

What has Burr accomplished in 12 years? The man should be on a milk carton!

Was going to vote for the Senate candidate who ran the fewest attack ads, but I lost count a thousand ads ago.

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