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Obama. We elected a dreamer, but got a nightmare.

Apparently the Service was so Secret that even the intruder didn’t know they were there.

Show of hands... who believes Obama will not put “boots on the ground” in Iraq?

Not that we don’t trust Gov. Pat, but could we get a list of roads that’ll be fixed?

McCrory wants us to pay for a bypass so Ohio and WV folks can speed to the beach?

Geez, youse guys aren’t spending no road dough on Eastern Ca’lina, are youse?

Anyone making candidate choices from political ads needs their voter ID revoked.

Hagan vs. Tillis, which is lesser of two evils? That is the question.

If Hagan is the 21st century, then freedom must be out of style.

It’d be nice if Tillis would tell us what he wants to do in D.C.

Dear Charlotte: C’mon up to Iredell. We’ve got an undeveloped baseball park you can pay for.

Join the World Apathy Coalition, or not. I don’t care.

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