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Tolls are the wrong way!

To get money from Charlotte, just say sports arena! Don’t dare say cankerworms.

Amateur sports: $25 million. Affordable housing: 0.

Allowing illegal immigrants to volunteer in our schools – really?

Dem and media alchemists: Turning Hagan’s leaden record into gold!

Somebody please take back Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

“Indiana toll road operator files for bankruptcy.” That won’t stop Charlotte!

You pay for your breakfast, you choose what to eat. Someone else pays, you just eat it.

Thank you Eric Holder for…wait…it will come to me….

If you look up ‘hypocrisy’ in the dictionary, you get Republicans as a definition!

Looks like worried Democrats are pouring outside campaign money into N.C.

1400 troops sent to Iraq does not equal “No Boots On The Ground.”

What if Luke Kuechly guarded our house, mused the President.

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