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Too many journalists? More like too many politicians.

Whatever happened to “If elected, I promise to …”

Remember when we had leaders in Raleigh and D.C. instead of politicians?

Grandma Hillary for president!

When all the fines are paid, will Bank of America have personally solved our national debt?

BofA mugged yet again.

$7.6M fine to the SEC. Banks pay overdraft fees too?

Obama – the first “My dog ate my homework” president.

Hmm. Thought Americans for Prosperity we’re trying to eliminate election fraud.

Why is a Fort Mill resident bemoaning Hagan? He has his own senators to demean.

Who knew that a bunch of bananas would be so pricey!

The atheists have seen the light.

But the whole reason I became an atheist was so I could sleep in and skip church!

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