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Whoops. Local officials just slipped on another banana peel.

Who knew a bunch of bananas would occupy so much front-page space!

Hey drunk driver: You proved the bartender’s point.

Republicans treat Ebola volunteers like they did Vietnam vets.

The biggest threat to America: POLITICS!

Hagan + Tillis = Disgust

Gotta love election season... It’s like Christmas for the recycling industry.

Politicians making medical decisions? We’re headed for disaster.

It’s not Ebola we have to fear. It’s the lawyers.

How about using anti-littering laws to get rid of roadside political signs?

If N.C. adopted the 75-85 mph Texas has on some of its highways, some people would have to slow down.

When I played football they were called mistakes – not missed opportunities.

If Halloween doesn’t hurry up and get here, I’ll have to buy another bag of candy.

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