Worlds on course to collide


Wednesday morning on Twitter, Donald Trump tweeted that there was not one American flag on the stage at the Democratic National Convention.

Wednesday night, during Tim Kaine’s speech, a staffer – probably a young person – posted a tweet from the North Carolina Republican Party saying Tim Kaine was wearing a Honduran flag on his jacket but no American flag – and added, “Shameful.”

A reporter tweeted back that Kaine was wearing a Blue Star service pin (a symbol for families with children in the military) for his son who’s serving overseas – not a Honduran flag.

Kaine’s son is a 1st Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines stationed in Eastern Europe.

Watching the Republican and Democratic conventions has been like watching two worlds so far apart they sailed past one another – each roaring its own gospel – without ever touching.

Thankfully, the two conventions are now all but behind us.

The polls showed Donald Trump received a needed “bounce” after the Republican Convention – but, I suspect, when all is said and done the Democrats will have gotten the best of it. Conventions are platforms for orators and it’s no disservice to Donald Trump to say that when it comes to oratory, he’s not ready to take on Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

More important, those two worlds are now on a course to collide head-on: When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton walk onto the stage at the debates.

More than the two conventions, the debates, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand face to face, are likely to give birth to the moment when revelation strikes.

Carter Wrenn is a veteran N.C. Republican strategist writing on the 2016 conventions.