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Was that a Carolina Heelsplitter I spotted near I-77?

Help! A Hag-lis virus has attacked my TV.

If the Republican legislature had supported education more, maybe that little girl could spell.

I dreamed Tillis/Hagan ended in tie. Judge ordered a 6-week runoff. Woke up screaming.

Can we blame Obama for the low gas prices?

Imagine “President Christie” speaking at a world event when someone throws a shoe at him.

Gitmo-released prisoners now fighting with ISIS. Who didn’t see that one coming?

Bravo, Alevo, for not holding your hand out for a taxpayer incentive!

Ebola... Has there ever been a more important time for “better be safe than sorry”?

That should teach Kaci Hickox to stop trying to help people.

Shouldn’t a $95 scrunchie look waaaay better than a $2 one?

Wish the Panthers performed as well as the new escalators.

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