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Can I vote for Terry Sanford or Jim Martin for Senate?

Is Obama well? Kay avoids him like the plague.

Erroneous rates just before an election? Another surreptitious attack on ACA?

Bad news is that under Obamacare those rates were believable.

Tuesday is our chance to recall hundreds of air bags.

Sure, I’ll show my ID voting. Shouldn’t billionaires do same when buying politicians?

Food Lion seems to rotate its CEOs almost as often as its produce.

25 years to complete the outer belt, I feel like I’ve been steamrolled.

The sun will burn out in 20 billion years. If they don’t hurry, they’ll have to finish I-485 in the dark!

Ebola, America’s greatest danger? No, it’s those fools texting while driving!

I long for the days when all people complained about was the weather.

Panthers please don’t play on national TV anymore. It’s embarrassing.

Can we change the clocks back to Wednesday and forget that game?

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