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Just when we thought we had been flooded with political ads the tsunami begins.

Voters going into election week dissatisfied... Understatement of the year!

America in crisis. The only cure: your vote!

If we could opt out of political ads after voting, this election would already be over.

Put those scrunchies back in the ’80s time capsule!

Thank you, Sandra and Leon Levine!

UNC’s AFAM class – “A Free Academic Mulligan.”

Bet ol’ Roy wishes he could click his heels together three times and go back to Kansas.

So tax breaks to businesses don’t create jobs? Been across the S.C. border lately?

Are we supposed to feel sorrow or relief that bigoted magistrates quit?

The magistrates didn’t seem to mind gays paying their salaries.

Let’s change the Panthers’ name! Worked for the Hornets.

24 points down and no one leaves. Oh yeah – the Hornets are back!

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