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Message to Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Heal thyself.

Maybe we should just get our school superintendents from a temp agency.

Once upon a time politicians slung mud, now they slime each other.

Never thought I’d be happy to see a Cialis commercial again.

Here’s hoping those campaign signs come down as quickly as they went up.

Penguins also have nine lives, it seems.

S.C. didn't create any jobs with tax incentives. They stole them from another state.

Who thinks UNC will forfeit championships, apologize to whistleblowers and give faculty sway over athletics? Nah, me either.

Nothing suspicious about Mexico releasing a Marine three days before the election. Is there?

NBA season just started and already I have tattoo fatigue.

Halloween on Friday, Christmas circulars and ads on Sunday. Did I miss Thanksgiving?

Just wondering... Can the Firebird play quarterback?

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